Task Analyses, Progress Monitoring, Fidelity Checks

We have turned these old school paper/pencil tasks into an easy to use app for individuals or entire organizations! 

A perfect tool for any BCBA or other behavioral health provider. 

Benefits of using Fidelity Checkr

Save Time And Money

With the abiltiy to share fidelity sheets across your organization, you will reduce time spent creating task analyses!

Improve treatment outcomes

Behavioral skills training mixed with the use of task analyses/fidelity forms is shown to improve staff beahvior and in turn improve treatment outcomes. 

Staff Awareness

When you conduct a training or fidelity check, your employee is immediately emailed the results of that training session along! 

Solid ROI

Unlike other softwares out there, we maintain a low monthly cost to ensrue access to all levels of consumer

Not sure if we're right for you yet? 

We got your back

You can sign up for a free account today and test out the software for as long as you want! Keep your free account forever and only upgrade when you need more capacity.

All free accounts come with capacity for 1 manager and 5 front-line employees. Forever. It's that simple to try us out!

See Org Stats

Our Admin dashboard allows you to see how many fidelity checks have been done recently, stats on your individual managers, and info related to who they have been conducting fidelity checks with. 

See historical data and future events

Keep track of employee performance over time with our app! Quickly pull up and review historical charts of performance, any previous fidelity check or easily conduct a new fidelity check. Let our app keep track of when the next fidelity check is scheduled for!

What you can expect

Using an app should make your day easier, better, or both. ScorecardX can do both of these things for you when you are regularly evaluating treatment fidelity or implementing staff trainings. 

Design Fidlelity Forms

No more fiddling around with Excel or carrying around paper fidelity forms. Create an unlimited number of fidelity forms with ease.

Share forms across the org and with other performance managers.

Precise Coach Staffing

Use the fidelity monitoring forms to both score performance and train staff with precision. They will know exactly what's expected of them.

After any score is given, the staff recieves a detailed email informing them how they did and what they can improve upon as needed. 

Improve Treatment Outcomes

Effective staff training and monitoring can improve treatment outcomes by increasing the likelihood that the employee will will be able to utilize the necessary skills to produce positive change.

Fidelity Checkr makes it easy to do both of the above permitting your staff to focus on what counts. 

Fidelity Checkr Pricing

All plans (free included) come with space for up to 5 staff, 1 manager, and 1 admin. This is enough for you to evaluate the software and decide if it's the right fit for your practice or organization. 



Per Month

1 Admin

2 Managers

10 Frontline Staff



Per Month

5 Admins

20 Performance Managers

Unlimited Frontline Staff

Teams Coming Soon!



Per Month

2 Admins

5 Performance Managers

25 Frontline Staff

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